Testers are the backbone of all IT companies because they are the persons who can give the quality outcome; they are one of the most responsible persons in releasing the project.

The Selenium course is designed to help software testing professionals to use Selenium Test Automation Suite in Web Application test automation effectively and efficiently. Our instructors have experience in helping you to build confidence in using the Selenium with Java effectively and efficiently.

Course Duration

    24 hours (Three days)

  • Core Java scripting skills.

  • A good working knowledge of Software Testing.

  • Desire to learn and apply the test automation skills at the work place.

  • Use Selenium Test Suite effectively in web applications functional test automation.

Introduction to Selenium and Test Automation

  • Test automation concepts and fundamentals.

  • Overview of Selenium Test Suite.

  • Overview of Selenium IDE.

Location strategies

  • Comprehensive overview of supported location strategies.

  • Mastering Xpath and CSS.

  • Installing Firebug, Firepath and inspecting various elements.

  • Best practices.

Test Design Considerations

  • Types of tests.

  • Validating test results.

  • Choosing a location strategy.

Integrating Selenium with unit testing framework

  • Introduction to TestNG.

  • IntelliJ IDEA installation and maven configuration.

  • Overview of TestNG Annotations.

  • Overview of Assertions.

  • Data driven testing.

Selenium WebDriver , Maven, TestNG and IDEA

  • Installing WebDriver, Log4j and other APIs

  • Working with different elements in a web page

  • Cross browser testing through web driver

  • Implicit and explicit wait

  • Handling drag and drops

  • Overview of TestNG and integrating with WebDriver

  • Integrating WebDriver with third-party tools

  • Test reporting with ReportNG

  • Managing popup windows in WebDriver

Test Automation Framework Development

  • Design patterns : Page Object and Page Factory

  • Integrating emails, DBs [DEMO]

  • Test reporting

  • Share sample frameworks

Selenium Grid [Demo]

  • Overview of parallel testing

  • Selenium grid configuration

  • Running tests

Continuous Integration with Jenkins [Demo]

  • Introduction to continuous integration

  • Installation and configuration

  • Schedule tests

  • Compare test results against various releases


  • Best practices and Selenium standards

  • Managing your test suites effectively