Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test.

Web Applications Performance Testing with JMeter

Web applications performance testing with JMeter”, training is designed by Pragmatic Training to build desired competencies within software testing community in Sri Lanka and build productive software testing workforce.

The course content is based on the well-established software testing knowledge base widely accepted around the world.

The trainer will always go beyond the documented course outline to share practical application of the tools and techniques and customize the content based on desired outcomes.

The JMeter course is designed to help Testing Professionals to Use JMeter for Web Application Performance Testing Projects effectively and efficiently. Our instructors have experience in helping you to build confidence in using the JMeter effectively and efficiently.

Course Duration

    24 hours (Three days)

  • A good working knowledge of Software Testing

  • Desire to learn and apply the performance testing at the work place

  • Use JMeter effectively in web applications performance testing.

  • Understand challenges in performance testing projects and work collaboratively with stakeholders such as (system admins, developers, vendors , end users)

  • Collect appropriate data and create informative test reports to make informative decisions.

Introduction to Performance Testing

  • Introduction to web applications performance testing

  • Identify performance test acceptance criteria

  • Identify test environments

Performance Testing Basis

  • Performance Testing Concepts: Stress, Load, Regression, Spike, Compatibility, Endurance testing.

  • Ramp-up period

  • Thread groups and simulating real users using thread groups Key mathematical principles for performance testing.

  • Other technical terms Test execution.

  • Collecting test results effectively Performance test reporting fundamentals.

Introduction to JMeter

  • About JMeter

  • Why do we use JMeter?

  • JMeter installation and configuration Introducing JMeter GUI.

Overview of JMeter Components

  • Logical controllers Listeners.

  • Config elements Assertions.

  • Post and pre-processors Timers.

JMeter Test Plan

  • What is a test plan? Create a basic test plan Element of a test plan

  • Building an advance web test plan Building a database test plan [Optional]

  • Executing test plans with various workloads Analyzing the test results

Simulate Dynamic User Behaviors

  • Use of Regular Expressions Extractors

  • Extracting form IDs

  • Generating Sequence or Random data

  • Submitting Forms

  • Managing sessions


  • Distributed testing

  • Extending JMeter with Java, BeanShell and JavaScript [Optional]

  • Use of JMeter Plugins

  • Introduction to OctoPerf, NeoLoad and Cloud solutions [Optional]

Resource Monitoring

  • Monitoring and Analyzing CPU Resources

  • Monitoring Memory Utilization

  • Monitoring Database Queries

  • Monitoring Network Traffic

  • Running Monitoring Tools Periodically

  • Note: Trainer will work closely with the system admin for resource monitoring.